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Seal-worn shafts can be easily repaired with SPEEDI-SLEEVE.

When a new oil seal cannot compensate for excessive damage on small diameter shafts, select a CR Speedi-Sleeve. This ultra-thin wear sleeve provides a snug, leak-proof fit on shafts up to 200mm diameter. Speedi-Sleeves fit sungly with only 0.6mm added to the overall shaft diameter. The result is a leak-proof, corrosion-resistant surface that will NOT require a change in seal size.

Containes quality products manufactured by Koyo-CR (Koyo-Chicago Rawhide). Each speedi-sleeve is a HIGHLY ENGINEERED, precision part manufactured from SAE 304 stainless-steel. It's factory sirface is micro-engineered to 10-20 microns Ra.

Requires little or no shaft preparation or expensive machining. In most cases , the speedi-sleeve surface is superior to the original shaft.


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SLEEVE-9 Speedi Sleeve 18mm
SLEEVE-10 Speedi Sleeve 22mm
SLEEVE-12 Speedi Sleeve 25mm
SLEEVE-4 Speedi Sleeve 30mm
SLEEVE-15 Speedi Sleeve 32mm
SLEEVE-7 Speedi Sleeve 34mm
SLEEVE-6 Speedi Sleeve 35mm
SLEEVE-3 Speedi Sleeve 38mm
SLEEVE-21 Speedi Sleeve 39.5mm
SLEEVE-5 Speedi Sleeve 40mm
SLEEVE-1 Speedi Sleeve 42mm
SLEEVE-8 Speedi Sleeve 44mm
SLEEVE-2 Speedi Sleeve 45mm
SLEEVE-14 Speedi Sleeve 46mm
SLEEVE-11 Speedi Sleeve 48mm


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